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Monkey’s in business

December 1, 2010

The sad demise of Angharad Hampersand at the launch of Mutiny on The School Ship Bounty left her family with a problem – what to do with Angharad’s pet monkey, Thimble, who had refused to eat or drink after the failure of his young mistress to come home.

Thankfully children’s author Jon Blake has stepped in and offered to give Thimble a new home.

“It’s the least I could do after Angharad was swallowed by a sea turtle during my book launch on Tuesday” he said.

Thimble has now been installed in the author’s office. “They say that if you sit a monkey at a typewriter long enough it will eventually come out with the complete works of Shakespeare” commented Jon. “That, however, might take several billion years, whereas a short children’s story might be a matter of weeks”.

Jon’s plan has already borne fruit, and “6ys8%;pa>£££” will be published by Popsock Press in April. The story is already hot favourite for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.


Launch disaster as pupil eaten by sea turtle

November 30, 2010

Today’s launch of Mutiny on the School Ship Bounty turned to tragedy as Jon Blake’s private yacht capsized and a Year 6 pupil was seized and consumed by a giant sea turtle.

The pupil, from Radnor Primary, Cardiff, has been named as Angharad Hampersand. Her parents described her as a happy-go-lucky child but rather bitter and therefore likely to cause the turtle considerable digestive discomfort.

Jon Blake commented: “Today’s unfortunate event should not distract from the fact that Mutiny on the School Ship Bounty will make an ideal Christmas present, particularly a signed copy which can be purchased from the shop at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.”

Pupils from Radnor Primary are invited to submit their own personal tributes to Angharad.

The School Ship is launched!

November 25, 2010

Mutiny on the School Ship Bounty will finally be launched on Tuesday 30 November, 1.30pm, at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. I’m expecting a pile of pupils from Radnor Primary (soon hopefully to be my son Jordi’s school). But the event is open to all. Readings, refreshments, questions and answers, hopefully (like the book) a lot of fun.

Mutiny on youtube

November 12, 2010

Stop Press! Zazie delays launch events

October 12, 2010

I was planning to hold a couple of launch events as Mutiny hits the shops, but unfortunately these will have to be delayed a few weeks owing to the unexpected early arrival of Zazie Sigerson Blake. No doubt there’ll be a book about her in time.

Mutiny is go!

October 1, 2010

Today, October 1st, marks the publication of my first book for two years, Mutiny on the School Ship Bounty, an adventure which should appeal to everyone who loved Stinky Finger or One Girl School: as you’ll see, it’s illustrated by the fantastic David Roberts who illustrated the Stinky/House of Fun series.

I’ve put an extract of Mutiny up here – click on Extract.  I’ll be adding more to the site asap.