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Fire service called in author visit fiasco

January 14, 2011

A visit by author Jon Blake to St Davids Primary in Cwmbran yesterday turned into a fiasco when a stunt went badly wrong. South Wales Fire Service were called to free the slightly famous author after he had been trapped inside a large trunk for almost two hours.

Blake, 56, had been trying to make a point about suspense by first hiding and then bursting out of the trunk. However, due to a faulty lock he was forced to conduct the entire year 5 workshop from inside the metal canister.

Teacher Harriet Pendlebury commented: “It was a tremendous thrill for the children to meet a real-life author but rather a disappointment for them not to actually see him”

Blake was finally freed by firefighters using the Jaws of Life made famous by popular children’s television programme Fireman Sam. He made light of the incident, claiming that he often took workshops from inside boxes, and that the question-and-answer session with the pupils actually went better than usual. “I often find children are distracted by the unusual mole on my cheek, but today this was not a problem” he commented.

The school’s head teacher made no comment on whether the author would be invited back to the school.

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